Singles & Doubles Spring/Summer Competition

A coin toss will be made before commencing a Singles or Doubles match, the winner will have the choice of either which piste to be used or having the coche first for the first game. Whatever is chosen, their opponents have the other. For the subsequent games, loser has the coche. The piste remains the same for all games within a match.

Singles is a knockout competition, results are self managing and can be updated in the clubhouse.

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Summary doubles results can be viewed via this link. Please note these will not be updated immediately that the individual results are submitted.

Singles Competition
  • Open to all – the format will be a straight forward knock out basis, the best of three games (each to 13 points) to determine who progresses to the next round.
  • There is no seeding or handicaps between players, equal opportunity for all those entering. 
  • The Competition format is based on 64 players, reducing to 32, 16, 8, 4 and finally the 2 finalists. 
  • There may need to be a qualifying round, or the introduction of ‘byes’ depending on the numbers entering to meet the 32/64 player requirement.
  • There will be a draw for the first-round, after which players will progress on a knockout basis against the winners of other pairings as shown in the Competition Chart.
  • The Competition Chart is found in the in the Club Shed and details the progress of the Competition. 
  • When you have completed your match – update the wall chart in the Shed with the winner and score (i.e. 2-0 or 2-1).
  • The format may allow some branches of the Competition to progress without the full completion of others. Competitors that know who they are playing against in the next round should make their own arrangements to play.  
Doubles Competition
  • Similar to the Singles that there is no seeding or handicaps, an equal opportunity for all those entering. 
  • The Doubles Competition will have an initial “Round Robin” phase, played within a number of groups. The exact number of groups and teams within them will be determined by the number of teams participating in the competition. 
  • All pairs within a group will play each other once only (3 games). The group winners will go forward into the knockout stage of the competition to determine the overall winner. 
  • If a group is completed with 2 pairs having the same points, then points difference will be used to determine who goes forward to the next round. If points difference is also identical, then a playoff will be required.
  • One point will be scored for every game won, so in a match it is the best to play all 3 games. It will be better to lose 1-2 than 0-2.  
  • The various competition finalists above, will play each other on a “Finals Day” in September to determine the overall champions
  • Please submit your Doubles Match scores using the form above