Our location is ideal in order to minimise our environmental impact. There is easy access to the club via public transport to allow members to reduce their transport emissions by arriving at the club either on foot, by bicycle or by bus.

Around the piste

We have endeavoured to incorporate native plants in the club’s landscaping where possible to facilitate less watering and maintenance, provide habitat for local wildlife, and contribute to biodiversity. Located next to the river, we are able to use river water to irrigate plants if necessary.


We try where possible to source equipment made from sustainable materials such as reused/recycled or sustainably sourced. We encourage members to use durable, reusable boules and avoid single-use plastics.

Energy efficiency

We have made the club’s facilities as energy-efficient as we can by using LED lighting and energy-saving appliances. We encourage members to turn off lights and appliances when not in use.

Waste reduction

At present we encourage members to bring their own cups for tea, we have installed a compost bin so that tea bags etc can be composted rather than adding to landfill.

Actions for consideration:

  1. Single use cup amnesty: Encourage members to bring their own tea cups by not providing single use cups.
  2. Plastic recycling champion: Ensure any plastic is recycled appropriately.
  3. Promote Active Transportation: Encourage members to walk, bike, travel by bus or carpool to the club to reduce carbon emissions. Consider providing bike racks or incentives for sustainable transportation options.
  4. Education and Outreach: Host workshops, and events to educate members and the community about environmental sustainability. Share tips on eco-friendly practices and encourage members to adopt sustainable habits in their daily lives.
  5. Community Engagement: Partner with local environmental organisations and participate in community litter pick events. Engage with schools and youth groups to promote environmental awareness and stewardship.
  6. Continuous Improvement: Regularly assess the club’s environmental impact and seek feedback from members on ways to improve our sustainability efforts. Stay informed about new technologies and best practices in environmental conservation.

By implementing these strategies, our petanque club could become a model of environmental sustainability in our community.