Rules of Play/Code of Conduct

All members and guests must comply when using club facilities or communicating within the club

Before play
  • New members must complete an induction before playing
  • Pistes to be checked for any debris before play (e.g. glass, sticks, dog fouling etc.)
  • Bags and other personal equipment to be stored under the marquee/gazebo or on/under the benches
During play
  • Note that there are boundary strings and timber surrounds which can be a trip hazard
  • No standing on the timber surrounds
  • Players to take note of other games taking place on parallel or cross pistes
  • Players to show consideration to others (especially when looking to throw their boule)
  • Players must ensure when shooting, that others in close proximity are aware of their intention and have (where necessary) moved away from the area
  • Boules not in play are to be held by the player or placed at the edge of the piste to reduce trip hazards
  • Players must pick up their own boules, no boules or rings should be kicked on the piste
  • Ensure spectators do not encroach on the playing area

After play

  • Players must use the path or walk around the perimeter. Do not walk across pistes that are occupied in play
  • All club equipment to be safely stowed in the club storage facilities (and the door locked) on leaving the piste
  • The last person to leave the premises, to please check the terrain for equipment and lost property, safely stow all items in the club storage facility and ensure that the lights and the urn are turned off 


  • Please be aware when communicating with other players that some members may have hearing difficulties
  • All players must wear appropriate footwear (i.e. fully enclosed shoes or trainers). Sandals and flip flops are not acceptable
  • Food and drink must not be consumed on the play area
  • Smoking (including electronic smoking devices) is not permitted within 2 metres of the piste
  • Members are expected to be courteous, polite and pleasant to others. No foul language, verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated at any time, on or off the piste
  • Members are expected to be mindful of our hosts at LRC and near neighbours at all times
  • No alterations are to be made to the pistes or surrounding area without prior agreement with the Piste Manager

Important Note: Although Petanque is generally considered a very safe sport, lack of forethought or concentration could result in serious accidents – Please take care.

The City of Llandaff Petanque Club 11th June 2024