We try to hold regular Mêlées when the weather allows. These are often held on a Sunday. Players must register in advance so that the schedule of play can be organised in advance of the day, the cost to enter is either £3 or £5 dependent on the event.

In a Melee you can expect to play three games, timed to ensure play is not extended for too long. The overall winners are announced at the end. The social committee sometimes suggest theme these competitions. Dressing up is not mandatory but many attendees usually oblige, making for extra fun on the day and some great photo opportunities.

Players are randomly selected to play with another player. 50% of the fees taken are typically allocated towards prizes. Prizes are awarded for players who come first, second and third overall on the day.

The next Mêlée is planned to be held on Sunday, 30th June at 10:30am (BYO picnic)(Please arrive for registration at 10am) Entry fee £3 in cash on the day.

Please note the following entry rules: –

  • Any member that registers after the 36 maximum is reached will be placed onto a reserve list, this will be drawn from, should a registered player fail to turn up on the day or on time.
  • Position/Ranking on the reserve list will be ordered by date and time of registration.
  • We can only play with even numbers, if we have an odd number of players either registered or as as result of “No Shows”, then the last person to register will be dropped to leave an even number.
  • Alternatively if someone volunteers to drop out, then their wishes will be honoured.
  • Any unforeseen circumstances will be dealt with in a fair and reasonable way.